Female V Males

So, you've done your research and decided on a Standard Poodle.  You've asked many questions and seen how our puppies are raised, you've met Poodles Around and the parents of our puppies and you're ready to make your choice. One of your better choices is to base your pick on a matching personality with the puppies in question.  How does the puppy react to you and your family? The sex of the puppy should be your last consideration.  Why?

          Most people have a huge misconception on sexes and personalities. Most feel a female is a sweet, loving dog who is a caretaker of puppies and children.  Well, that's not always so--they aren't called bit** for nothing! Female dogs are nice; I like my girls and I'm pretty sure they like me.  They come to me and get attention, and then they move away and are content to lie on the other side of the room.  Perhaps this matches your personality perfectly--maybe you want a dog that isn't overly affectionate.  Girls take training seriously, and most are very good at obedience.  Females can be alpha dogs just as easily as a male can.  Spayed females, of course, make a much better family pet than un-spayed females do.  Boys tend to get a bad rap because, in your mind, you remember the neighbor's disgusting unaltered male dog lifting his leg on every bush in the neighborhood and doing nasty "boy" things.  Male dogs that are intended to be family pets Should be neutered at an early age (6 months old), however waiting a year is best for your new puppy/dog.  When you do YOUR part, you have a wonderful family member. They usually squat to piddle, never develop any type of nasty habit and are extremely loving dogs.  Where your girls will get their attention and go lie down, a boy will stay near you.  He likes to be with his person, he likes to be loved on; he is "devoted" to you. Yes, he takes his training seriously.  But then he likes to have FUN, he likes to play in the yard--he doesn't like to take life too seriously all the time!  Before you choose a dog based on its sex only, consider the other elements.  Are you the type of person who likes an independent dog, or one who prefers a dog that worships the ground you walk on? Of course, 

there is the exception to every rule and the amount of time you spend with your puppy will make a huge difference in his or her personality. My suggestion is to spend time with your potential choice at the breeder's, but don't ignore a potential 'perfect match' for you because it may not be the sex you originally sought! I tell everyone that call not to worry about the sex or the color A lot of the time the puppy will pick you or one of your family members.