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Puppy Contract



Poodles Around

Standard Poodle Contract for your puppy 

New contract update 1/16/20 

Preamble: If potential purchaser is not willing to work on a high professional level of communication, integrity, and ethics please do not move forward with this contract.

To reserve a puppy, with Limited AKC, we require a non-refundable $300 deposit to reserve a puppy.  ($1250 total cost for a puppy) Can be transferable two time to a new litter of puppies.

Limited AKC registration papers will be mailed to the new owner after the puppy has been spayed or neutered.  A copy of the vet receipt must be mailed to us showing this has been accomplished.  

To reserve a puppy, with Full AKC, we require a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve a puppy by 2 weeks of age.  (email for price and availability) Please note the $500 is "only a deposit", that is required to reserve a Full AKC puppy. Full AKC registration will allow you to breed with your pup and register the litters. Additional amount is required at the time you pick out your pup at 6 weeks of age.


*If dogs are being shipped or we are delivering the puppy/ies. Puppy/ies must be paid in full 10 Days Before They Are Shipped Or Delivered 

At approx 5 to 6 weeks of age, the new families can start picking out their puppy in the order of which we received a deposit.  Families purchasing Full AKC registration will have a higher priority, when choosing their puppy.  The higher priority slots on the list for Full AKC, are not available at all times.  There are only a couple of these slots available per litter.

1. Travel Date is date established to go to your home. The Purchaser will be notified to come pick up the puppy/ies from Poodles Arounds location.   

2. If purchaser is shipping the puppy to their new home.  The arrangements must be made by the puppies 7th week. If need Poodles Around to bring the puppy to their new home the purchaser will have to pay .55 cents per mile if it is in driving distance plus our rate (Discussed with Purchaser) of pay for the amount of time we will be gone from our home.  

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At eight weeks old, the puppies are ready to go to their new homes.   We do offer boarding for your puppy at $20.00/ day if pick-up is delayed and goes beyond 9 weeks of age.   This boarding rate is good for one week, until the puppy becomes 10 weeks old.  After your puppy is 10 weeks old, board for your puppy will be 40.00 /day                         

3. Puppy/ies is micro-chipped no earlier than 5 weeks old ($100 value). Purchaser will receive papers to file registration with AKC upon final payment 

of pup.

4. Purchaser takes full responsibility at Travel Date and agrees to establish a

relationship with a reputable vet to keep up to date health care. Purchasing a 

puppy/ies should not be an impulsive decision; he/she is not sold on a trial basis. You are making a decision for its lifetime.

5.  It is agreed this puppy/ies will never be placed in a shelter. Purchaser guarantees that they will work with/return this puppy so a loving home may be found. If for some reason you cannot take care of the puppy/ies please return the puppy/ies to Poodles Around so we can find a caring home.  Papers must be returned at the time Poodles Around get the puppy.  There is no refund for the puppy/ies.  The dog is to be returned to Poodles Around with no refund, so we can find the puppy a new home. The reason behind the no refund is for advertising and care of the dog for as long as it takes to find the puppy a home.  The puppy or dog is not to end up in the shelter or be sold. If for some reason you can’t keep the dog and one of your family members would like the puppy/dog. Poodles Around must approved their home.  There are a few reasons we do this. One is we know where the puppy is and to make sure the puppy is not in a shelter and/or in a puppy mill.    

6. As a "PET ONLY," purchaser agrees to spay/neuter or ligation/vasectomy no sooner than 6 months, But no later than 2 years old, unless other agreement made. Hormones are important to a healthy pet. Once completed, copy of vet documents must be mailed to Poodles Around.

7. It is agreed this puppy/ies will be registered with limited AKC along with the pup’s micro-chip information for tracking if lost, papers will be provided in order to do so.

Health Guarantee

Poodles Around gives a 2-year genetic health guarantee on each puppy.  (until the puppy is 2 years old)  If an issue arises within the two-year time frame,  (or actually any time in your puppy's life, as we need to know this for breeding purposes)  Please get in touch with us. Send us a letter from your veterinarian, describing the issue in detail, along with photos as deemed necessary.  If indeed there is a serious genetic issue, and the puppy is younger than 2 years old, we will offer you another puppy if we have one 

available (in exchange for the current pup/ dog)  If no pups are available, we will place 

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you on the waiting list for the next litter.  A refund of the purchase price of the

puppy may be offered, depending on the circumstances.  This decision is determined by the breeder.  

A) Notification: A veterinarian’s letter must be received explaining congenital defect, and we can figure out what the best way to handle the problem. Then my vet will review the data and See the puppy/ies. 

B) Ownership: You must be puppy’s original owner, sending pup’s AKC papers to Poodles Around.

Just info

A) Food:  Low grade dog foods are found to cause health issues with your standard poodle.

B) Supplements: Poodles Around recommends and has found our standard

poodles periodically supported with NuVetTM Plus Canine supplement has led to a healthier life. Nutritional supplements help during times of spiritual stress, growing bone nutrition, and eating irregularities.  Supplements in place at time of pups Travel Date to assist the transition to new home and bone growth up to 1 yr of age.

Nuvet supplement ordering information: NuVetTM Plus Canine supplements ordering code #69872. They are a great treat, order via internet , or toll free 1-800-474-7044 from 8am-6pm Pacific Time.

Be Aware:

· In making a down payment before a pup’s birth, Poodles Around hereby notes your “INTENT” to purchase one of our pups. Poodles Around sends this contract to be filled in with your “INTENT” to buy. Your individual puppy/ies is “offered for sale” to you only after:

a) Poodles Around has a vet examine each pup within three-five days of birth. It is the time frame in which tails are docked and dew claws removed.

b) At 6 weeks of age the pups are examined again when they receive their first set of vaccinations at which time you may decide on your pup.

c) Poodles Around “offers the pups for sale” now at 6 weeks of age according to your down payment “intent” order 1, 2, 3...

d) Choice of pup must be made by 6 weeks of age with full payment at that time.

Your pup has now been examined by a vet twice. In flying or traveling across state lines your pet is examined a third time for pet health certificate at buyers expense. That must be paid at the 6 week of age so that we can contact vet for appointment.

· With your down payment, Poodles Around is committing time and money to

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do their best in communicating and working with you. Poodles Around needs to know you are committed in receiving a puppy/ies, thus there are no refunds once a down payment is made.

· Adult size, confirmation, color, and temperament are not guaranteed. Poodles Around assumes no financial responsibility for the puppy after leaving our premises for medical expenses due to accidents, injury, behavior, or for any other non-contracted issues. Providing adequate exercise and human contact is a necessity in owning any puppy or dog, especially the larger breed. Please Feel free to contact Poodles Around with any questions. 


9. _______________________(Purchaser’s name) agrees this puppy is 

purchased as a "PET ONLY" (surgically fixed to have no offspring) and offered under AKC’s Limited registration papers.

               $___________ X ___ Puppy/ies $______________

9B. _______________________(Purchaser’s name) agrees this puppy is purchased as a Full Rights with Breading Rights and offered under AKC’s Full registration papers.

               $___________ X ___ Puppy/ies $______________

10. Pet purchases are a luxury item in Minnesota. Poodles Around will pay sales tax of pet over $1,001.

Tax _______% $______________

                                   any Travel Expenses $______________

 Total $______________

11. If this puppy has been bred, intentionally or not, the health guarantee is canceled, at which the purchaser agrees to pay an additional price of                                          $4000

12. We strive to make our Akc Registered puppies part of our family and want them to go into loving Pet homes.  So we include a puppy kit with all of our puppies. They include a Puppy Blanket and a Toy that smells like their litter mates and their mom. Collar and Leash to make it easier to take your puppy right home without having to run out and buy one the same day you get your puppy. Puppy food for about two weeks so the puppies do not get sick from switching dog food on them. A Akc Reunite Micro chip that all you have to do is Register them in your name for $20. You can do that when you register your puppy's Akc papers. We Pay all 

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the Minnesota Taxes out of the $1250 you pay for the Puppy. All of the 

Puppy/ies will be De-wormed, Tails Docked, Vet Checked, and Up To Date on age appropriate Vaccines.

13. Due to many simple problems that could go wrong with your puppy/ies (like a yeast infection or simple little things that my vet will check out before your puppy/ies) leaves. If there are any Known heath problems with your puppy/ies we will disclose them. If there is no problems, we will write that.


Receipt #1. _________Date down payment received: _____$_______

             #2. _________Date final payment received: ______$_______

Litter Born:_____________Breed: Standard Poodle TRAVEL DATE: _________

From: (Dam)____________________________________#____________________


Male / Female Color________________________ 

AKC #________________________ Microchip # ______________________

Male / Female Color________________________ 

AKC #________________________ Microchip # ______________________ 

Other agreement/s entered here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




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By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and 

to the above contract.

Purchaser’s name (please print): _______________________________

Purchaser’s Signature: ____________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

Two Contact Telephone #s 1. ________________________2.___________________________

Email: __________________________________________________

Driver’s License #   ____________________

Exp. ___________

(Why driver's license number? In signing this contract, it is Poodles Around right to assure the contract is followed. Court action is sometimes needed to follow up.)

Purchaser Signature ______________________________________ 

Date: _________________

Breeder’s Signature:____________________________________Date:____________________

Poodles Around 218-590-2050 

41500 CO RD 128


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